Sunday, 22 September 2013

'Old School' words with friends!

I was having (an admittedly drunken) discussion with a friend the other night, about vernacular trends, along the lines of “why don’t people say ‘festy’ anymore?” ... “I’m going to bring back the word ‘Chat’!”. So I thought I’d compile a little dictionary of words that have fallen out of use from my vocab, a sociological fossil bank if you will. Oh the hubris of thinking that I’m the first person to have done this (a subsequent Google search would inform me!) But, I’ll stick to my word, and give you a list of 90’s and 00’s slang words that I miss dearly:

Homeboy: Sometimes shortened to ‘Homie’. A gang member or, more loosely, a friend, who has your back.

Chat or chattie: for something to be chat, it has to be ‘stupid’, but specifically things that a 12 to 14 year old would think are stupid. Perfect example “I have to hang out with the parentals this weekend; it’s so chat”

Headbanger: someone who enjoys banging their head to heavy metal music. Actually, I’m not totally sure whether this term has fallen out of use; perhaps its just that I never speak to people who have much interest in metal...

Derro: Ok, I’m sure bogans from Cronulla still use this term, but its been a while since I heard it. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be short for something (delinquent, perhaps?), but basically it means a waste of space human, usually jobless, unintelligent etc etc. Think of Billy Madison before he went back to school.....

Feral Bush Pig: No explanation needed. I AM bringing this back, so keep your ears out.....

Then, there’s every single term that was used in the classic (yes, whether you like it or not, it IS a classic!) Clueless. I could write a whole article about this, but, luckily, someone already has! (see here)

End of transmission. Feel free to add your own to the list!

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  1. 8/10/2013 **NOTE: I've slightly changed the title of this piece. Apologies to the people who have clicked on this blog entry, hoping to find a description of the scabble app named ‘Words with Friends’. There’s been a weirdly high amount of traffic to this particular page, and I assume this is because people are Googling “Words with Friends” and it’s coming up with my humble little piece!!