Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What makes me me?

So, a couple of weeks ago a friend, YK, sent out an email stating that she had a Uni project and needed 20 people to tell her in about 100 words"What makes you who you are." (She didn't stipulate for what particular course it was, which I only just realised now- hmmm, I would like to know)

Although I do love to lend a hand to people whenever I can, I did the exercise more for myself, to see what I would come up with. The following is what makes Miss Miss :)

My sense of humour. My kindness and thoughtfulness. My urge to do good in the world. My indifference to money and the useless crap money can buy. My family. My friends. My bad habits of overeating and hair twirling. My mental illness. My happy childhood. My not so happy teenage-hood. My self doubt. My passion for social justice. My bad fingernails. My guilt for things done and things left undone. My love of animals. My body.


  1. I really like this Missy! Knowing you I can nod my head to most of it! I'd find it hard to do myself! Are these good things to know about yourself when looking for work... lol I guess so hey? I'm on the hunt also, not easy over here! Ed xoxo

    1. Thanks for your comment Ed :) Maybe you and Shellie could try doing each other, just for a laugh! It was interesting to do, but not really all that important/useful in the job search front (really was more a procrastination tool!) I know you'll find work in the UK soon: there's online Carrer tests where you answer dumb questions and they tell you areas of work you might be suited to- maybe try that?? xoxo