Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's "No Shit Sherlock" Day!

Or, "Rant About Advertising- Part 2"

When I read the title for this article on The Conversation - 'Why schools and corporate brands shouldn't mix', my immediate reaction was, that's right, "no shit Sherlock".

The article, which can be viewed here: states that

"Over the past two decades, fast food companies, financial institutions, supermarkets and other businesses have found increasingly innovative ways to build brand awareness among not only teachers, but also a captive and impressionable audience of school children."

I recall when I was in primary school Coles had a promo where you brought in dockets and your school would be rewarded with X amount of computers for every bajillion docket (yes, back then they were dockets, now for some reason every one calls them receipts. What's with that?) Maybe my super awesome brain is immune to brainwashing, but I don't have over positive associations with Coles lingering from those times. Probably because they supplied Apple Computers, which were shit back then (and still are). Also what happened to the "Machintosh" that used to follow the "Apple"?

The point is, I usually go to the supermarket that is nearest to me, not the one that gives prizes to schools. And certainly not ones that hurt Australian Farmers bty slashing the price of milk just to keep a strong hold on their oligopaly.

The last paragraph of this article is a classic too: "Of course children should be exposed to the outside world, and the corporate world forms part of this exposure. But marketing is all about trust and the promise of a better life." Marketing is about trust!?!?! Oh, shit, I've been completely wrong, here I was thinking it was all about selling a product!?!? Silly Miss!

That's all for now- Happy Friday!

*** UPDATE ***

Another one for the "No shit Sherlock" file:



  1. My favourite recent event for the no-shit sherlock file was the $640 milllion lottery in the US the past weekend.

    There are all these clowns who didn't win now complaining that they wasted their money and there wwere much better things they could have spent thee money on.- Apparently they don't understand the concept of gambling.

  2. Haha I hadn't heard about that! Idiots!