Thursday, 23 February 2012

Happiness? More like Schmappiness!

Beautiful, if not completely pointless and vapid opinion piece by Ross Gittins (call me old school but when did an economist become an expert on heppiness/ meaning of life?). The article is worth reading for the opening paragraph alone:

“FED up with all the wrangling and speculation over who should be leading the Labor Party? Want something more substantial? How about the meaning of life?”

The article goes on to go nowhere in particular, stating the meaning of life is to have “wellbeing”. And here I thought the meaning of life was 42 (or 7, if you ask my good friend AW!).

Perhaps we should stop asking what the meaning of our own life is, and start asking how we can act to give meaning to other people’s lives? Be a little more giving and a little less egocentric? *shock horror* we might find that doing things for other people gives our own life meaning! Something economists, I'm sure, would find very foreign indeed! 

All’s I know about life is you can’t take money with you to the next one, so I’m hitting up the pub this afternoon!

What gives your life meaning?

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